Our latest Ofsted inspection was on 14th November 2018.

We were awarded a GOOD standard.


Summary of key findings for parents

This provision is good

  • The provider shows dedication and commitment to continually developing the nursery. She works closely with staff and parents to effectively outline areas for improvement, such as enhanced processes for assessing children's development, to improve outcomes for children.

  • Staff develop strong and positive relationships with children. They gain lots of information from parents about children's needs and preferences and additional arrangements, such as home visits help them get to know children really well.

  • Staff closely observe children's development and promptly outline their starting points. Their precise assessments identify the next steps in children's learning, build on what children already know and ensure children progress well.

  • Staff offer well-timed gentle reminders about the boundaries that are in place for safety and behaviour. Children learn to be respectful, to listen and behave well. For example, they enthusiastically get involved in tidying away the activities and learn to share and take turns with toys when playing with other children.

  • Partnerships with parents are good. Staff liaise effectively with parents and professionals to ensure that all children get the support they need. The provider's frequent newsletters, staff's daily chats with parents and the regular sharing of assessments of children's learning help keep parents very well informed.