Policies - For a full set of policies, please ask in nursery

Admissions  - Summary


Nursery Aims


The management team aim to make our nursery genuinely accessible to children and families from all sections of the local community.  We are proud to be an inclusive practice, please see our policies for more details.

Child Protection  - Summary


1. Statement of Intent


Our setting will work with children, parents and the community to ensure the safety of children and to give them the very best start in life.


The key commitments of Sunflower Montessori Nursery for the protection and safeguarding of our children:


  1. The Nursery is committed to building a 'culture of safety' in which children are protected from abuse and harm in all areas of its service delivery.

  2. The Nursery is committed to responding promptly and appropriately to all incidents or concerns of abuse that may occur and to work with statutory agencies in accordance with the procedures that are set down in 'What to do if you are worried a child is being abused' (DfE 2015).

  3. The Nursery is committed to promoting awareness of safeguarding and child abuse issues throughout the training and learning programmes for adults.  

  4. It is also committed to empowering young children, through the statutory requirements of its early years curriculum (Early Years Foundation Stage 2014), promoting their right to be strong, resilient and listened to.

  5. The Nursery will take account of and inform policy in associated areas such as the ICT policy, E-safety policy and Bullying within the Behaviour policy.

Special Educational Needs - Summary

The nursery’s philosophy

We aim to provide all children with a broad and balanced learning environment that is committed to the integration of children with Special Needs. Our philosophy is that all children ‘with or without Special Needs’ should have the opportunity to develop to their full potential alongside other children in an educational environment.


We aim to provide a learning environment suitable for all children, including those with Special Needs.  To do this the nursery follows the guidelines listed below:-


All our planning for activities and play take full account of the Early Years Foundation Stage.  Each child’s ability is taken into account when planning and carrying out any activities, making sure each child’s individual needs are met.